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Newberry Michigan Photo Gallery - Springtime in Tahquamenon Country

Enjoy photos of springtime in Newberry Michigan. Surrounded in forests, lakes, streams, and rivers - our beautiful area has so much to offer for the adventurer.

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A Spring View of Tahquamenon A Spring View of Tahquamenon
This photo of the Tahquamenon Falls taken in mid May. It is a close-up with the digital fields slowed down so that people can see the gentle flow.

An Immature Bald Eagle An Immature Bald Eagle
American Bald Eagle in Luce County - beautiful immature bird. Photo taken in early May near Lake. Eagles are plentiful in our area.

Blue Heron Blue Heron
Here we have a blue heron eating bass at the Seney Wildlife Refuge. Photo by Gina Harman

Kayaking with the Family Kayaking with the Family
Kayaking with the family on Manistique River. Great fun for everyone of all ages. We have many great areas to kayak and canoe in the Newberry Area.

Lower Tahquamenon Falls Lower Tahquamenon Falls
The secret about the lower Tahquamenon Falls is - it also very beautiful. This is a great place to take wonderful pictures.

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